Villa Cipriani Restaurant



The award-winning restaurant is the hotel’s signature. World-wide acclaimed, this elegant place offers a delightful combination of superb local specialities of traditional Veneto fare, as well as various Mediterranean recipes. The menu respects and follows the seasons¬† and the speciality of the day depends on what is available from the local market.


You will have a breathtaking view over the Asolo countryside with the hotel’s olive groves and pomegranate trees accompanying every meal and enhancing the subtle flavour of even the simplest dish.

In the winter time there are two dining rooms overlooking the valley.




It’s a pleasure to be mentioned in the new book of Beba Marsano: “Italy’s hidden treasures, 101 marvels worth the trip to discover”.

“Cipriani is not only in Venice. In Asolo, there is a table almost as legendary, with a lounge famous for its Bellini and small aperitivo toasts. The alluring restaurant, with its large arched windows that offer a breath-taking view of the entire valleythat enchanted Giorgione and Titian, has a classic feel and serves specialities of the regional cuisine. In summer, you can dine on the delightful terrace that opens onto the garden. Impeccable service of a bygone era”



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