Food & Wine Tour of Veneto



Spend a week discovering the striking gastronomic treasures of Veneto.


Your tour will of course begin in Venice. You will spend the entire day hunting for delicious gastronomic treasures in the company of a renowned local sommelier and food guide. In the morning, you will visit the best pastry shops and bakeries where you will have breakfast like a Venetian. Around lunchtime, you will go for a fun Bacaro hopping tour where you will be tasting the best interpretations of Cicchetti, the Venetian equivalent of Spanish tapas. In each Bacaro, you will taste their best creation, whether it is a salt cod meatball, Venetian cooked liver pate with onions or sweet and sour prawns. The sommelier will magically pair each cicchetto with a fantastic wine taking you on a gastronomic trip across the region.

The following day, your next destination will be in the outskirts of Venice, in the Treviso area where you will head to the beautiful hills of Valdobbidene to visit some of the leading wine artisans that produce ancient Prosecco the way it was produced originally; something unlikely you ever tasted before…it’s like tasting history! Enjoy wandering around the villages and stop for lunch in a great restaurants with some of the best views of Valdobbiadene.

The next day you will visit another local excellence in the Venice area, the mouth-watering Torrone. You will have access to arguably the finest producer of the region and learn all the secrets of how to master this wonderful product.

Lunch will be served in the outskirts of Padova in a phenomenal 3 Michelin star restaurant where you will be tasting modern Italian food at its very best. A ground breaking experience that is a true celebration of how focusing on the finest ingredients mixed with an outstanding dose of talent can result in one of your best Italian meals ever.
Approximately 1 hour from the restaurant there is a lovely artisan that produces some of the best cheese around. You will have a tour of the farm followed by a private tasting of his sublime selection of goat and cow cheese from unpasteurized milk that will just make you fall in love with the place.

After a good night sleep in a beautiful hotel set in a Venetian villa, you will be ready for your next gastronomic adventure. Drive to the picturesque village of Soave where a local wine expert will take you on a tour to taste the best producers of this fantastic white wine from a volcanic soil that is considered one of Italy’s best.

For lunch, you will be in for something special as you will be eating in a gourmet Pizzeria awarded with a Michelin star where the chef takes Pizza to a whole new level using only ingredients that you find in fine dining restaurants.

Your last stop of the trip will be around Verona, more precisely in the Valpollicella area where you will be tasting one of Italy’ s most precious wines: Amarone & Recioto. You will enjoy a private tasting in a gorgeous winery where the wine was actually “invented” and discover the fantastic nuances that only such rich and profound wines can have.



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