Meltar Boutique Cooking School



If you want to learn how to cook a perfect Italian meal or just a dish of home-made, fresh pasta, our Meltar Cooking School is the finest choice. While attending our courses you will have the opportunity of enjoying Veneto’s life and atmosphere, relaxing in the comfort of our hotel and discover the region’s passion for some of the most outstanding wines in the world, superb food and amazing cheeses!


The Meltar Boutique Hotel Cooking School offers different courses:
• Single day
• Two days/Week-end
• Six Days


From home-made pasta to tiramisù, from pizza to ravioli, from pandoro to gelato, you will have the opportunity of learning how to prepare Italian traditional dishes thanks to our teaching chefs that will share regional techniques, ingredients and family recipes which have been passed down over the centuries.

Our classes include both hands-on cooking and visits to food artisans, cheese and prosciutto producers, wine cellars and local food markets, some of them recognized by the famous “Slow Food Movement”.

Classes are taught in Italian and in English, throughout the year. After class the guests will eat at Meltar Boutique Hotel and enjoy what they’ve prepared.


Contact Rebbecca for special rates on these courses.

All courses qualify for Bearmiles. Have a look at The Meltar Boutique Hotel here