“Covino was established in 2013 after a trip in Paris, where I took inspiration from the concept of French bistro. Cesare Benelli, long-time owner of the restaurant Al Covo, shared the idea and involved me in the project, thus starting up the place.


The “formula” Covino at €40.00 includes an appetizer or first course, second course, dessert or cheese, to choose freely (drinks not included). The menu offers dishes composed by fish, meat, but also vegetarian options. We proudly use daily Slow-Food products with the aim of supporting local, small-scale producers that contribute with their high-quality and traditional supplies. Consequently, we seek high standards for our ingredients; for instance, our fishes, herbs, vegetables and spices come from the Rialto market and follow their seasonal trends.


We always update a wine-list of 100 different wines: they are all natural and linked to the terroir. The vineyards are placed in their typical production areas and the means of production are respectful of nature. We like to consider them “human” wines because they enhance the personality of producers and convey their philosophy.


My name is Andrea Lorenzon and I followed my father’s Mauro footsteps. In his restaurant La Mascareta, I had the chance to assimilate and share the passion for natural and easily digestible wines, especially for those which are expression of their territory and of the work of their strong artisans. After Experiences with Chef Giorgio in his Locanda Locatelli in London, with Gianni Bonaccorsi at Il Ridotto and a with the Alajmo Family, I decided to put all my efforts in a genuine and autenthic restuarant: CoVino.”


Andrea Lorenzon

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