Veneto Art Tour



The Veneto region is home to some of Italy’s most impressive artistic and historic places.
With 11 UNESCO world heritage sites, you can spend several days touring around the region. Below you will find inspiring highlights of some of the best locations to see and visit while in Veneto.


Everything will begin in Venice where you will have private and exclusive after hour access to the city’s most precious sites such as Saint Mark Church and Palazzo Ducale in the company of a top art historian. After having discovered the Venetian “beauties”, the next stop will be the Venetian Countryside where you will enjoy a private visit of a selection of impressive Venetian villas and get to meet some of the current owner for a truly authentic tour.


Padova is home to the marvellous botanical garden in Italy as well as to one of the most stunning chapels called Cappella degli Scrovegni. On your way to Verona you will stop by Vicenza, they city of Palladio to admire the immense Basilica Palladiana. You will eventually arrive in Verona, the city of marble where after having seen some of the marble caves you will visit a great marble sculptor. Finally, head to lake Garda and enjoy a private boat tourbefore arriving in the Garda Island home to a beautiful Neo Gothic villa for a special private meal for the grand finale . Over the years this stunning villa has hosted renowned individuals from Saint Francis of Assisi to the great poet Dante Alighieri.


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