The Most Beautiful Street in the World



Gran Canal tour by boat


With this private guided boat tour along the Grand Canal you will discover “the most beautiful street in the world” and its magnificent palaces built over hundreds of years, which have made the “Canalasso” what it is today. Let your imagination go back in time when the “squeri” (gondolas’ shipyards) were at their highest, the “fonteghi” were full of merchants, smells and colors and the most noble families used to party in their wonderful houses.


Why are there so many different styles and where are those moorish windows coming from? Your guide will be ready to answer to these questions and many more; you will be entertained with the history of the buildings and the stories of their owners (some of them universally well known). You will also navigate some smaller canals, to enjoy some delicious glimpses of small bridges, “fondamente” with local groceries, narrow streets: the true side of Venice, where the few Venetians still here live their city at the most. Venice was built on the water, and from the water she gives her very best. Upon request the tour could end in Murano to visit a Glass Factory.




Tours details
Duration: 1 hour only boat, but I can customize the duration on your needs.

Meeting point: If your hotel has a watertaxi dock, the boat will pick you up directly there, or your apartment.

What’s included: Professional tour guide, luxury watertaxi 1 hour.

Weather restrictions: The tour takes places rain or shine. Intense fog could compromise the tour.

Dressing code: No restrictions. Sunglasses suggested.

Age groups: Suitable to everybody.